Meet the Beckwiths


Meet the Beckwiths


Meet the Beckwiths

A Legacy That Became a Heritage

Many in our community are familiar with Heritage Ministries, which has served Chautauqua County and its residents since 1886.What you may not be aware of are the stories and faces of Heritage; stories of giving, servant leadership, ministry, and love. These small pieces have been woven into the tapestry
that has created Heritage today.

One such story that is woven into our Heritage is of Chuck and Hilda Beckwith. Chuck and Hilda were married in 1946, after he returned home from his military service to our country in
WorldWar II. During his service as an anti-tank gunner, Chuck was awarded two bronze stars for his service. Receiving those bronze stars exemplifies the type of man Chuck was, filled with honor for his country, a man of strength, of faith, family and action. A man of action who followed through on his
commitments and always was giving back more than he received.When Chuck went off

When Chuck went off to war Hilda wrote him letters weekly. It was through those letters Chuck fell in love and decided Hilda was the girl just for him.When he returned on break he made sure to make his
way directly to her to ask for her hand in marriage.

A few years after they were married, Chuck and Hilda were blessed with three children: Janet, Melanie and Martin. It was directly after the birth of Martin that Chuck received the call to come work the farm at Heritage. At that point, Heritage consisted of what was called an “Old Persons Home” or the OPH, The Children’s Home (an orphanage) and The Farm; which provided work and food to those living on the Heritage Gerry Campus.

When they came to “The Farm” on the Gerry
campus Chuck and Hilda supported
Heritage in every way
possible through their gifts of
service. For over 64 years
Chuck and Hilda proved servant
leadership was the key; by contributing
in as many ways as
possible. They worked the farm,
handled housekeeping, lead
repairs around the campus, mentoring
the children from the
orphanage and ministering to the
seniors. Following what they felt
called to do all while raising
their own children.
What Chuck and Hilda could
not have ever predicted as they
answered the call is the impact
and growth Heritage would
experience in their 64 years on
campus and the growth we pray
for in the upcoming years. Heritage
went from a vision and
continued to grow into a thriving
campus throughout Chautauqua
County. Heritage today offers all
levels of care ranging from Independent
living, assisted living,
skilled nursing care, dementia
programs, and rehabilitation, to
name a few. Chuck and Hilda
would be blessed to know that
now over 600 residents are part
of our Heritage family.
There are so many stories of
Chuck and Hilda throughout the
years, but overall they all lead
back to a few simple truths, the
first being Chuck and Hilda listened
and followed the calling
they felt. Chuck and Hilda represented
our mission statement,
“To serve others through Christcentered
ministries, which promote
hope, dignity and purposeful
Years ago, I heard a powerful
quote that came back to me
when I spent time with Chuck
and Hilda’s children: “Integrity
is a powerful force, keeping you
alive to others long after you’ve
left their presence.”
Chuck and Hilda certainly displayed
integrity. Their integrity
and their legacy will be alive at
Heritage Ministries for years to


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